Let Me Breathe

So much for my Spring Break. It ended before it even began. Instead of greeting me with a “good morning” I’m hit with “I want to go here. I want go there.” No asking. Simply demanding. Ugh.

I’m sick. I’m tired. I’m sick and tired. I want to rest. I need to get better. 

I think I deserve this break. I don’t need anyone planning anything on my time.

Quick Thought of the Day

Why are poor people so materialistic? Sure, it’s fine to splurge every now and then if you have it (or even if you don’t. Hey it’s none of my bidness) However, to spend money you don’t have to impress people who don’t like you is simply foolish.

I wish I would spend the couch change that I make to live beyond my means so I can brag to people who want to see me fail. 

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What I really like about MBLAQ is how they evolve with every comeback. There are no gimmicks. Only pure talent. I believe they are severely underrated.

Love the mature sound and look. Video is fitting. And Thunder … excuse me while I go take a cold shower.

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Crafting Is A Girl’s Best Friend

Crafting is a great way for me to relieve stress. It can become a bit costly but I enjoy creating. I’m slowly finding my way back to crafting as the passion follows closely behind. I haven’t been this excited in a while.

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No Shade, No Tea

From the little I know about her, it seems that Sheryl Sandberg has yet to let go of her insecure ninth grade self.